The sound quality is all you could wish for

Waugh sees Stokes absence as a massive blow to England, as he says that Joe Root team will not be able to retain the Ashes without him. I think if it was anyone in the Australian side, they wouldn be picked. You can do that these days in public. In 1999, I had gone to Kargil. I had retired from the Indian Navy as a lieutenant commander six years earlier, in 1993. I was then working with the Piramal group in a senior position.I went to Kargil as I was contributing to The Pioneer newspaper as a freelance journalist.During my interaction with officials of India’s intelligence agencies, I asked them angrily, ‘How did the enemy come and sit on our head?’I was blaming them for the intelligence failure (that led to Kargil).It is at that time that a young military officer stood up and said that every person was not a traitor.I told him to name one person who was honest and that young army officer said, ‘My mother was not a traitor.’When I returned to New Delhi, his words haunted me.

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