The newly invigorated Greek Army arrives at the gates of

Did you not read any of the points I listed off? None of those points were him checking his watch midset. Here what he did in lfs and wfs to reiterate:Pretending to sd last stock only to come back upLetting go of controller when armada got a grab and didn even try to sdiStood on platform for 5 seconds taking lasers for no reasonWhile not on the respawn platform and on ledge, sighs and looks away from the screenChanting one more stock with the crowdLaughing porfusely at armada missing an fsmash for some reasonLooking like his dog just died while playing both setsFistbumping armada after game 2 thinking it was overHow is any of this gonna get him to his flight faster? How is he trying his best in the set? Literally after the set he could gone on twitter and said “sorry about lfs, i had a plane to catch so i was anxious and looked at my watch” and this wouldn have been a situation at all. To me, all of those actions outside of looking at the watch was trying to de legitimize the wins of armada and m2k and play it off not because they played amazing, but because hbox played horriblyM2k has a condition where he doesn understand social situations as much as hbox does.

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