Squeeze one lemon half into the shot glass

The next step was to plaster cast the sculpted glove. I made a mold box out of foam board that I hot glued to a cheap cutting board. I caulked all the corners and seams with the hot glue to prevent any leaks. Today, a liberal mist will help you grow down. It like smelling salts for anyone stuck in a disappointing hometown reunion who needs to revisit their bright eyed, virginal enthusiasm for Revolution Bar. Its lingering molecules are the only parts of you that have not regenerated since adolescence.

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canada goose deals Cut the lemon in half you’ll need 1.5 OZ of lemon juice, which is just about one whole lemon. Squeeze one lemon half into the shot glass, then the other half. Note if using the Zulay squeezer, be sure to place the lemon cut side buy canada goose jacket cheap down in the squeezer (see picture). canada goose deals

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