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What’s the most underrated event in history

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high quality Replica Hermes The Dutch were fighting the Spanish for independence in the reviews 80 Years War, and the Spanish under the Duke replica you could check here hermes himalayan bag of Alba, who was especially cruel and would raze entire cities that defied him, encircled the city of Leiden. The city sent word to the Dutch army, under the command of William of Orange (not the one you’re thinking of, that one is the third William of Orange). The Dutch came and fought the Spanish but lost. high quality Replica Hermes

high quality hermes replica uk So William came up with a plan to break the dikes and flood the water around the city, drowning the Spaniards and saving Leiden. The city didn’t want to, seeing as the water could just as easily kill them, but they had no choice. So William went to the Dutch navy, which wasn’t very professional at the time since they’re fighting for independence. It was basically a group of privateers, called the Sea Beggars. They were almost pirates. They were absolutely down to ride a wave of water over a bunch of Spanish soldiers, so a year after the siege started, they broke the dikes and sailed in. high quality hermes replica uk

The Spanish, who were so close to defeating the city, turned around one day (mind you they’re dozens of miles from the sea) and saw a bunch of pirates riding the Ocean in at them. They immediately fled.

The kicker in all this is that when the city wanted to memorialize William of Orange with a statue for his help he said no. He had a better idea.

He founded the University of Leiden. Which is still there today.

Hermes Kelly Replica For starters, the Sea Beggars weren almost pirates. They were pirates. Just pirates with a common goal who favored Spanish targets. One of the big reasons the hermes replica handbags war turned the way it did is that the English kicked them out of their ports, which they had been using as they hermes replica were fellow Protestants, because the English were getting a lot of bad PR for giving refuge to the pirates that were terrorizing the North Sea. With no mini birkin bag replica port to go to, they stalked the Dutch coast until they received word that Den Briel Spanish garrison was not present. The city was taken without a shot, and marked the first foothold of the Dutch resistance. Hermes Kelly Replica

The Siege of Antwerp is responsible for two of the most crazy, and pretty obscure, events in the 80 Year War. The first is the Fin Bellis, and like any superweapon with a highly optimistic name, it failed completely. It was a large littoral combat vessel, intended to take out Spanish forts isolated by water due to punctured dykes (just get used to reading that phrase if you ever get into this war in detail). Turns out it wasn very good at this. And it was also very, very expensive. It was essentially the Death Star.

Replica Hermes Bags The other thing intended to lift the siege was even more crazy. The queen of England had hired an Italian inventor to help with the war. And like any inventor of the age, he was completely nuts. The Spanish had a large ship bridge (that a bridge made out of ships) spanning the Schelde river, blocking sea access to Antwerp. This inventor figured that the best way to get rid of this bridge was with bombs. Very big bombs. He used two old cargo ships and had firing chambers built in the holds, consisting of brick walls and sealed off on top with tomb stones welded with lead. This all surrounded by shrapnel. The fuses were set and the ships set to drift into the bridge. One ran aground, orange birkin replica but the other made it. They had also been set on fire to appear as regular fireships. Given that one only uses makeshift fireships in times of desperation, the Spanish were not worried, and sent more troops to put out the fire. This, of course, did not work. Both ships, called Hellburners because apparently hbags hermes Heavy Metal is a pretty old genre, exploded. The resulting explosion reportedly killed around 800 Spanish soldiers. It was heard 80 km away, knocked down houses, and made it rain tombstones. The bridge was devastated, but the rebels were not quick enough to exploit it, so the Spanish held Antwerp. Eventually leading to Belgium being a thing. Replica Hermes Bags

But that not all. When the Spanish Armada threatened Britain the British fleet did not employ regular fireships, but instead converted ones that resembled the Hellburners. The Spanish fleet was in a tight, defensive formation that would be completely destroyed by a similar attack. It very likely the Spanish broke formation because they feared hermes birkin replica an attack by Hellburners, as they knew their inventor was in English employ. This allowed the English to take the fleet apart piecemeal. Just remember that the next time some Cheeky Nigel jerks off over beating the Spanish Armada without mentioning the war it was actually a part of.

And here the thing about the Siege of Leiden: It not noteworthy because it was liberated by pirates coaxing the sea inland. It noteworthy because the weather wasn up to the task, and it actually took months longer than planned, which meant the city had to weather a serious case of starvation before being liberated. Reportedly the mayor offered his own arm for hungry people to eat, but the offer was refused. replica hermes mini bag That why it went down in Dutch history as a special case. The whole “we birkin bag replica amazon are water wizards fuck you” thing was rather Hermes replica So Kelly commonplace.

There was also the city that was taken by just doing the whole Trojan Horse thing for real. Or the city that was taken by simply pumping its lake dry and attacking through its harbor on foot. Or the female warrior who always depicted armed to the fucking teeth and became the center of her own propaganda story. Or the fact that the rest of the world has never heard of the 80 Year War, but has heard of the 30 Year War, which is literally just The Last Bit of the 80 Year War and thus known as such in the Netherlands. And then there was that whole business with an upstart province becoming a super power in its own right while slapping down another superpower.

Ever so often there a point in history where someone just picks a fight they shouldn Because you really don want to discover that the people you fighting are way, way more crazy than you ever imagined they would be. The 80 Year War should have been Spain braining some shitty mercenaries and upstart rebels. An all around good, old time. Instead, the Spanish discovered they were shitty sailors and worse swimmers, and were really just tricked into fighting on the water when they thought they be fighting on land. The Spanish picking a fight with the Dutch was like an experienced boxer getting in on browse around this website a streetfight and only belatedly noticing his opponent prison tats and remembering there are no rules in streetfights about not biting your opponent in the scrotum.

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