Perhaps leave the priority algorithm the way it is most of the

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32 points submitted 4 days agoBacklog already out of hand. After the April changes I went from having submissions approved in 4 14 days to waiting 196 days and counting due to rural priorization.Here how I would fix it/incentivize people to do OPR (from a Great reviewer with 45050 analyzed, 23917 agreements):First, Niantic needs to fix their FAQ/Guide/Help pages to incorporate all of the AMA guidelines and open it to ALL agents. If changes are made it needs to notify reviewers before they continue reviewing, and to submitters, so they can learn what a high quality submission is.Second: Lower OPR access level to 11. The biggest roadblock for rural agents is that Gold badge. So, if they can get that in Recon, that even better.Third: Give reviewers one time use passcodes (10 random common items of their level) or 100 CMU for every 50 agreements. Plus, give Great reviewers priority after Platinum status, and open an extra submission slot after every level of badge. For those rural places in the canada goose outlet houston middle or who aren near the edges? You don get any help, yet that the areas that Niantic wants to help.For other smaller countries, you may have a scoring cell that shares country borders, or live in a cell that surrounded by cells from another country that speaks a language that entirely different from yours. (The Netherlands come to mind here)If you can speak/read that language, that not helpful. Niantic needs to create canada goose outlet official geofencing barriers that separate languages a bit better, or by forcing the submitter to choose the language their submission is in, while still keeping the cells what they are.Fifth: Currently reviews come from several queues: Your play area and surrounding cells, your home area, and your bonus area. Plus, rural prioritization areas, and (I haven figured this out yet) “audit” submissions or submissions that have heavy flaws that OPR is trying to figure out what to do with.Add another queue that will throw in the oldest submission for review in ANY cell within your country borders. This will take care of some of the ancient submissions still out there, and be sure that there an upper limit on the number of days that something has to wait to be approved.Sixth: This is wishful thinking on my behalf and should not be needed if the previous things are remediated but more frequent bonus location changes, or additional bonus locations for Great reviewers at every 10,000 agreements. There are many places I love to help and churn through the backlog in, but can because my bonus location official canada goose outlet is locked for an entire year. 4 points submitted 4 days agoAgreed. (Though I do see a goodly number of reviews from flyover territory, perhaps because my home area is set in the midwest.)Rewarding me with extra submissions for reviewing isn going to incentivize me canada goose outlet much I already don submit much due to the backlog. CMU rewards have potential, but I wonder if that would have legal/tax issues due to the monetary canada goose coats uk value being “payment for work performed.”If we could change bonus area monthly, I might actually set one. As is, I don bother, since I already get reviews from all over.I would like my count of agreements to link to a list of intel links for the created portals. (Perhaps broken down by month and/or cell, to make that practical for those with thousands of agreements.) Demonstrate positive outcomes, in order to give a more concrete sense of accomplishment. That would also help reinforce what a “good” portal is.Maybe have a feed of worldwide created portals since the last checkpoint, with the ability to limit by country/cell/town. And accessible to ALL agents L10 and higher, not just those who use OPR. (Again, reinforce what a “good” submission is under current rules.)Some way to check the status/progress of my own submissions would be great. I can see potential concerns over that revealing too much of the inner workings of the process, but even with a level of abstraction it would still be useful. 2 points submitted 12 days agoThere needs to be some way to find a middle ground for the rural urban balance of what gets reviewed in OPR. Perhaps leave the priority algorithm the way it is most of the time, but use the old one that prioritizes canada goose outlet price “local first” every 4th or 5th review, except when there truly aren any local submissions in the queue.I have 80+ submissions waiting to be reviewed, some going back to March/April (when the priority algorithm changed and I went from getting approval/denial in two weeks to never). The few that gotten canada goose outlet toronto location replies canada goose sale uk have been in a rural area from my summer vacation and even those weren all that quick. When I go into OPR I haven seen a submission within 50 km or so since March, only a handful within 100 km, and lots from several states away or further. My wife also does OPR, and since March, she has only gotten ONE of my submissions to review.I don mind mostly reviewing things from outside my areas, especially for areas that don have many reviewers, but the change circa March went too far and needs a little counterbalancing. Otherwise there no point to submitting, and opening it up to PoGo will only make it worse.AardyRDevarque 4 points submitted 1 month agoI would LOVE to be able to get a TPB version of VM: Origins at Dark Horse canada goose outlet uk standard price point canada goose outlet winnipeg for a 6 issue collection.

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