Others have small pensions to support themselves

Salvation Mountain and Slab City

canada goose uk outlet Slab City California Free and UniqueResidents like to call Slab City “The Last Free Place”. It may not be the only free place to camp or boondock for the winter, but it’s surely canada goose outlet winnipeg address a unique place and it’s definitely free! Retired RVers like canada goose outlet winnipeg us are always on the lookout for cheap places to camp in warm climates to spend the winter, so when we heard people talking about Slab City in desert of southeastern California and the 3000 thousand snowbirds who gathered there in the winter, we perked up our ears. We were also curious about the famous Salvation Mountain, a folk art edifice erected at the entrance of Slab City. As we were camped on the shores of the Salton Sea in southern California, it was an easy drive to Niland, California to check out Slab City. canada goose uk outlet

Everyone Welcome to Slab CityA handmade sign at the entrance road to Slab City claims, “Welcome to Slab City, The Last Free Place” and it truly is a mecca for those who want freedom from the humdrum life of the average suburban or city dweller. It’s located in southeastern California on the east side of the Salton Sea in the Colorado Desert. It is 121 feet below sea level. Originally a World War II Marine base, when Camp Dunlap Marine was decommissioned by the military, a group of service men continued to live there. It has been inhabited ever since.

canada goose coats on sale RV’ers Take Advantage of Free CampingThere are about one hundred and fifty permanent residents who live in Slab City year around, braving triple digit temperatures in the summer months, but the majority of the residents are the RV snowbirds who start arriving as early as October to spend the winter boondocking in the hot, dry climate. Permanent residents make their livings in a variety of novel ways. A few collect and sell junk and scrap metal. Others might be migrant workers. Others have small pensions to support themselves. What they do all have in common is their staunch belief that Slab City is a place of true democracy. Everyone is free to live as they please as long as they don’t intrude upon the liberty of others. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Retirees and snowbirds who winter in Slab City have to be resourceful and adventurous. There are no gates or guards, no public services, water, sewer or propane. There are no police or other public services. Residents of Slab City must live off the grid. Many RV’ers who winter in Slab City use solar panels or small windmills to generate their electricity. Others use propane or gas generators for electrical needs. canada goose clearance

Community SpiritAlthough lacking in community services, there is a sense of community spirit in Slab City. It may seem rough and lawless, but permanent and winter residents have formed a community that is evident by signs on the bulletin board advertising free jam sessions, occasional potluck gatherings. A community church has been canada goose outlet toronto factory formed and holds services in a canada goose outlet in montreal roughly built community center. There is also a library and book exchange operated by some residents. Other activities are organized by volunteers, both permanent and temporary.

canada goose uk black friday Driving through the canada goose uk black friday

area, you see hundreds of rigs of all ages and conditions. There might be

canada goose store 40 year old trailers or very new and expensive motor homes. Some canada goose store

residents look like they live there full time and have set up little yards

decorated with cactus or various kinds of junk sculptures. There’s a

church and someone has set up a library. One place has several old

vehicles decorated with all kinds of shiny found canada goose outlet online items like hubcaps, bicycle

canada goose clearance sale parts and car parts. (see picture) Others are set in the midst of trash canada goose clearance sale

and various cast offs from years gone by. We dared not ask where

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Niland, but some places didn’t look movable.

Niland, California The Closest TownThe tiny town of Niland, California is about three miles away. Campers at Slab City can get propane and use the ATM at the gas station at the south end of Niland. Post office boxes can be rented by those who are there for several months. There is a dump station at the fairgrounds available for a $3.00 fee. Water is available at the grocery store, but you can also pay the local water company to rent and deliver a water tank to your site. There is a free dump and water station about twelve miles south of Niland at a rest stop.

canada goose black friday sale While there are many BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas in the Southwest that have dispersed camping and are well used by Snowbirds (See Camping Cheap), there is no place quite like Slab City. Little communities spring up, sometimes consisting of people traveling together or coming from a common location. They might form a group around one of the slabs where they can hold get togethers or gather in a group in an open area. Some permanent residents have erected shelters for their belongings, or have commandeered one of the bunkers for shelter and storage. Here and there, you will find items lined up for sale or trade as people are always trying to supplement their incomes. canada goose black friday sale

Salvation MountainNear the eastern

buy canada goose jacket entrance to Slab City is Salvation Mountain, a canada goose outlet in new york most amazing piece of buy canada goose https://www.canadagooseonline.info jacket

work created by Slab City resident, Leonard Knight. He built Salvation Mountain and it’s outlying

“rooms” out of straw, adobe, tree limbs and found objects. Then he covered the whole thing with numerous

layers of paint which seems to be the glue that holds it all together.

Leonard’s cheerful and primitive paintings

and collages decorate both insides and outsides of the structures. He canada cheap canada goose goose outlet authentic has worked in a collage of biblical

quotes, folk art flowers and hearts and his own canada goose outlet online uk message of canada goose outlet las vegas love. Looking past the religious aspect of his.

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