On the right side is the wake/kill switch

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Most car DVD systems are just dreadful. They don’t have proper balance, the bass is either too heavy or non existent. And, they rely too heavily on sound gimmicks and mids to do the work that should be done by a properly balanced system. And seeing a black artist and seeing representation of black figures, cheap jordan 5 metallic especially in the way that he paints and in the way that it was hung, was this aha moment for me in terms of kind of a life path because when I was in college, I didn’t think I was going to study art. I was studying math, and I was studying engineering because I thought I wanted to be a civil engineer. And it wasn’t until I went from civil engineering to architecture because it allowed for a little bit more private study architecture took me to art history.

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True strength involves tears and heartache. It involves not having all the answers, all the damn time. It requires breakdowns to break through. OK, your prevention program slipped up, or you just got careless, and now you have a stiff, achy back. What do you do to treat the condition?Sounds like a no brainer but people with back pain try to continue with their normal schedules in spite of the pain. Use of a pain reliever is a short term thing; if you use allopathic prescription meds, it’s easy to get hooked on them and then you’ve added an addiction to your other woes.

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