Kenya’s Kiprop tested positive

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Designer Fake Bags South Africa will challenge athletics’ new rules on hyperandrogenism as it seeks to keep up double Olympian Caster Semenya’s status as the queen of middle distance athletics, Athletics South Africa (ASA) said on Thursday.The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) last week confirmed new rules which effectively give Semenya a choice of taking the medication to restrict her testosterone or move to longer distance events.”As a member federation, we will engage the IAAF as our mother body and if they do not change their minds on this new rule after this engagement, we will proceed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for further assistance on the matter,” ASA said in a statement.But it gave no details on what grounds it would seek to set aside the new rules, which come into effect on Nov. 1 and will likely most effect Semenya.”ASA once again takes the opportunity to re affirm our support for all our athletes who may be affected luxury replica bags by this new ruling,” the statement added.Kenya’s Kiprop tested positive, no mix up: AIUThe replica bags india Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) confirmed on Friday that former world 1,500 metres champion Asbel Kiprop had replica bags aaa quality tested positive for the banned blood booster EPO and rejected some of the extraordinary allegations the Kenyan made against officials.Kiprop said on Thursday in lengthy statement that his doping sample might have been tampered with by testers who not only tipped him off about their visit in November last year but also replica bags delhi took a payment from him.The AIU, an independent body that manages all doping related matters for athletics, conceded on Friday that he had been given advanced notice but that it was satisfied there had been no interference with his sample.”In the course of these proceedings, Mr Kiprop has made a number of public allegations in relation to the sample collection process,” read a statement.”These allegations have been investigated replica bags aaa by the AIU. The AIU is satisfied that there has been no mix up or tampering with the sample.”Kiprop’s case is now with an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) disciplinary tribunal and the 28 year old faces a ban of four years from the sport if found guilty replica bags vancouver of doping.Among the more claims made by Kiprop, a senior police officer, was that he paid the testers an unspecified amount of money and did not consider it untoward.”I did not at the time expect that the request for the money had anything to do with the sample,” Kiprop said in the statement.Woods six behind first round leader PetersonIMAGE: Tiger Woods hits his tee shot on the seventh hole during the first round replica bags of the Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament. Designer Fake Bags

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