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That not like saying yusuke can clear alt arena, everyone been clearing it with yusuke for months already.the hardest hurdle for dmeta is subs, her sub pool is incredibly small and whaley, the good builds asks for a 2 nico bolas equips to cover unbindability for izanagi and lucifer.while. Yusuke have a wider sub pool to pick from., does the same thing as dmeta, at the difference of the 25% shield.edit: lucifer, not satan my badReincarnated Panda and Beach Panda both have FUA as a super awakening.That said it would leave her bindable (as that also is a super awakening) and the main reason Kami is preffered (note that the 10c on Kami is a thing but not generally feasible for dual dmeta teams). Skuld is OK but much like Panda she suffers from being bindable, she is off color and doesnt provide a synergistic skill for you team (asuming you run mostly dark subs).

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