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After surveying the stricken Mediterranean island by helicopter, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte identified two more of the victims as a German couple whose car was swept away by flood waters near Agrigento, a tourist town known for its ancient Greek temples.Italian news reports said a 1 year old, a 3 year old and a teenager were among the flood victims from the family get together in Casteldaccia. A survivor, Giuseppe Giordano, lost his wife, two of his children, his parents and a brother, Italian news agency ANSA said.State broadcaster RaiNews24 said Giordano was stepping outside on Saturday night when Hermes Replica the torrent rushed in and described him as the sole person to made it out alive.When he opened the door, was a river of water, I was knocked down and grabbed hold of a tree, Giordano told reporters between sobs. Was yelling, help.

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