I heard them say that if I was put into an animal shelter that

Happy Animal Rescue Story Told

My happy dog name became Trudy after I was rescued by some good people in the neighborhood where I was born.

But first let me tell canada goose outlet mississauga you how I found those people. This is my story.

canada goose coats on sale There were other puppies and dogs where I grew up and they all looked a little like me. My brothers and sisters were playful and cuddly. We used to pile up together to take our naps and of course we stayed close to our mother. We all liked her warm milk and she licked us and told us how beautiful we were. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online I liked that feeling of being kissed and loved by my mother. Playing with my four legged family was also a lot of fun. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance But there were also people in the house with us and they were not so nice. The smaller people called kids would occasionally play with us and that was fun but it did not last long. canada goose clearance

When my brothers and sisters were still really small they would take all of us to a place on a busy highway and one by one my brothers and sisters were sold to people. The people that had my mother and us told the other people that we were each of us a black lab. It was hot and we were thirsty on canada goose outlet ottawa those days and the big cars and trucks that went zooming by kind of scared us.

One by one my brothers and canada goose outlet winnipeg address sisters did not get to come home. The people seemed excited when they would give one of my family away and get some paper in their hands in exchange. It did not make any sense to me or my mother but when no one wanted to give some paper for me the people seemed to get angry.

The man especially did not seem to like me!

I was getting bigger and had some white fur mixed in with my black fur which he also did not seem to like. It wasn’t my fault and I don’t think it was my mother’s fault either that I had some white and black fur! My mother still reassured me that I was beautiful even if he did not agree.

buy canada goose jacket cheap He called me a canada goose jacket outlet store “good for nothing dog.” I thought that was my name. That man not only yelled at me but he also canada goose outlet store near me hit me and kicked me when he got angry. I was scared and hurt and nothing my mother could do helped. So one day I decided to run away. buy canada goose jacket cheap

My Escape Plan

canada goose factory sale My mother was sorry to see me go but understood why I had to get away from that evil man. He was hurting me and my mother couldn’t kiss the hurts away any longer. I would be sore for days and even though I tried to hide from him, he always seemed to find me. I was not so little anymore and couldn’t hide as well I guess. canada goose factory sale

So one day I just left and tried to canada goose outlet woodbury find a place where I wouldn’t canada goose outlet online reviews hurt all the time and be afraid all the time.

In chatting with some other dogs on the street I found out about some people that not only had dogs living with them, but they seemed to take other puppies and dogs into their home and then find good places for them to live. The word on the street was that these were really good people.

I followed the goose outlet canada directions and decided to hide behind some shrubbery in their front yard and hope the bad man wouldn’t see me and that the good people would.

My doggie prayers were answered!

They saw me and took me into their home. The man seemed OK but I did not want to take any chances. I would try to hide from him as much as I could.

canadian goose jacket These new people put up signs saying that they had found a dog and also called all the vet offices and animal shelters letting them know that canada goose outlet I was in their house. This made me very afraid that the evil man would find me and come to take me back home. But as time passed I started to relax. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka I liked it in my new home. The other dogs were nice. One was older and her name was Kerri. She seemed to be the boss dog. The other dog’s name was Reggie and he told me that he was taken into the people’s home when he was a scared and abandoned puppy. They both seemed to be happy that I was there. They also assured me that the people were really nice and that they both loved them. They felt sure that I would grow to love them too. Canada Goose Parka

The people tried to find me another home but since I was so afraid of men it just did not seem to work out. I heard them say that if I was put into an animal shelter that I would probably not be adopted because I was so afraid of people. So after a while they just decided canada goose outlet niagara falls to keep me.

Canada Goose sale It was only a few days after the people found me hiding in https://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com their shrubbery that they named me Trudy. I heard them saying that they had to call me something besides Sweety or Baby. Trudy felt right and sounded good, so I liked my new name. It certainly sounded better than good for nothing dog. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk black friday About one month after I came to live with them they finally took down those signs saying that they had found me. Kerri and Reggie told me that it was a good sign that I would be staying with them. canada goose uk black friday

Kerri had told Reggie the same thing when he had come to live there. When the signs came down it was official that he would be joining the family. Kerri seemed to know all about these things. She was the oldest and wisest dog in the house. She was a bit bossy at times but that was OK with me.

I was one happy dog! I had a new family!

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Part of our backyard near the spa where our people liked to soak sometimes. Reggie and I liked to look over the fence and see what was going on in the yard behind us. Source

The lady that lived behind us used to tell my parents that she thought it was cute when we peeked into her yard. Source.

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