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Valentines day ideas are quite versatile, they can mean taking your loved one to dinner, buying a gift such as a stuff doll, for us cheaper guys to diamonds, for the semi rich man who wants his love to think he loves her more. I think women get like three days out of the year that have nothing to do with Christmas for gift receiving, and Valentines day is one, as Mother’s day, and the simple birthday. That’s pretty cool once I decided to write about this special time, and by no means do I mean to cut it down, just look at it from another prospective.

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N is like a sketch or first draft of what we always envisioned. With moncler outlet jackets N++, we were so thrilled to finally be able to make the game we had always wanted to make it big and deep and we explored every level design possibility we could, and crammed it full of secrets and well I could go on forever. We really proud of it.

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