For example, If the church is large you can make a bold

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buy canada goose jacket cheap When you do this, on top of a player permutation p, for each player i you have a bijection from player i strategies to player p(i) strategies. canada goose womens outlet Then you need to work out how these maps (tuple containing player permutation and n strategy set bijections) act on strategy profiles, compose with each other, how they inverted, and whether combining all of that works as you expect with utility functions etc. Once you have worked all that out and proved everything, you get a much more general notion of symmetry for games (one which was included in the definition of symmetry by Nash back in like 51, though he didn use any terminology from the slightly more modern group theory, though it probably not even much more modern? group theory was being worked on by then as well I think).. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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