Facebook and YouTube combine to control 75percent of all

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cheap jordans on sale Some argue the generation ends at ages 22 (1996) or 24 (1994). This is still a growing population, one that may not have had traditional life experiences (jobs, mortgages, etc.) thrown at them.WATCH: Does this generation care about dating? Gen Z ers talk dating and settling down.But this generation cheap jordan shoes has also been dubbed anti social, one that is not interested in dating or having sex, and experts like Toronto based sex educator Luna Matatassays while it is hard to measure this data for a large population, research like this gives us a glimpse of how this generation may work.Z is showing us what a generation looks like with more acceptance and exploration around fluidity of sexuality and gender they aren accepting the binaries many of us have grown up in as norm,’ she tells Global News, adding she doesn believe that this means gen Z isn interested in pursuing sex.No sex? No wayAccording to a non scientific survey conducted by Global News in May, 356 self proclaimed gen Zers answered a variety of questions on topics like technology, mental health, as well as their predictions on how the generation might shake up the future job market or social space. They also talked about their dating experiences.Story continues belowThe survey found 58.9 per cent of people in this age group were not in a relationship (which aligns with previous research), while 36.6 per cent said they were. cheap jordans on sale

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