Dozens of the dead and missing are believed to be miners who

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cheap jordans free shipping Rescue operations are underway in the Philippines as 49 people remain missing after Super Typhoon Mangkhut triggered where to buy cheap jordan shoes online a massive landslide in the cheap jordans mens size 11 country’s north, destroying hundreds of homes.]]>(CNN) Rescue operations are underway in the Philippines as 49 people remain missing after cheap jordans good quality Super Typhoon Mangkhut triggered a massive landslide in the country north, destroying hundreds of homes.Fifty four people have been confirmed dead so far cheap jordans dhgate as a result of the typhoon, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte spokesperson said Monday.Dozens of the dead and missing are believed to be miners who were trapped inside a building buried by a landslide in the mining town of Itogon, in Benghuet province.Eleven bodies have been cheap jordans usa recovered from the building so far, Itogon air jordans cheap prices Mayor Victorio Palangdan said Monday.Other victims were believed to have sought refuge in a church during the typhoon.were advised to move out because that is a hazardous area during typhoons, it might kill them and it really happened, Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Salamat of the Philippines Armed Forcestold CNN Philippineson Monday.Drone Cheap jordans images cheap authentic jordans free shipping from the scene provided by the UN Migration Agency showed a scar on the mountain where mud appears to have wiped out homes.our will to live than 24 hours after Typhoon Mangkhut slammed into the Philippines, the full extent of the damage has still yet to be determined.On the northern coast of Luzon island,excavated families began the painful process of returning home.On Sunday, Adelfa Lunato and her family arrived back at their tiny fishing village. cheap jordans free shipping

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