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First of all, it depends on how many seats the BJP gets by itself, and then the question of leadership will come.I don’t buy the theory that if the BJP gets less than 220 seats or 200 seats, there will be a change in leadership.I personally feel that Mr Modi is firmly entrenched, and with Amit Shah there, whatever the number of seats the BJP gets, it will be Mr Modi who will be the leader.What can leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh expect in case the BJP wins a thumping majority? Do they run the risk of being marginalised further?Well there’s a famous Margdarshak Mandal. It has many vacancies because there’s no limit to it.While launching your Rashtra Manch you said you would work to unite non BJP parties. Do you see the Opposition parties uniting and fielding common candidates against the BJP in all Lok Sabha seats?There are many problems on the way.

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